About Us

Helping Businesses For Over A Decade

  • A Simple Beginning.

    Nidhi Techworld was started by two mates, Harsh and Thomas, working after hours and on weekends, designing and building websites for a select handful of clients. Some of those clients are still actively using Nidhi Techworld today - clients like AG whole salers and GCT . Back then, website launches were far between, but we celebrated each and every one.

  • New Service: WordPress.

    In the early years, we would mostly build static websites and websites built on hand-rolled content management systems. WordPress changed everything! WordPress became our go-to content management system (that over the years has grown from strength to strength). Now most of our websites are built on WordPress.

  • The Big Step.

    Spurred on by a growing list of encouraging clients we left our jobs to make Nidhi Techworld our fulltime endeavour. We decided to create a new type of digital agency. One that's flexible, down to earth and approachable and one that is 100% focused on client needs. We moved into our new office on west Street, Toowoomba on the 10th August 2017.

  • New Service: Magento.

    Around early 2015 we started building eCommerce websites on Magento - a fantastic hosted eCommerce solution that our clients love

  • Our First Developer.

    Within a year we had hired our first developer. We've been growing cautiously ever since - always with a mind on how we can best serve our clients.

  • New Service: Extension Development.

    During this period, we added Extensions to our arsenal of development tools. Extensions are powerful, robust, rapid development framework that allows us to design, build and deploy much larger, more complex web projects. This, combined with WordPress, gave us the ability to build a broad range of websites, small to large.

  • Small But Growing.

    During these early years at West Street, we maintained a steady team of four.

  • New Service: Responsive Design.

    During this time, mobile friendly web design became a big deal. The growth of website usage on mobile phones was rapid, and we adpoted new design principles and technologies that allowed our clients to be at the forefront of this change

  • Building On Experience.

    In early 2015 Harsh left the company to move on to other projects, while Thomas continued to build Nidhi Techworld capabilities by surrounding himself with talented developers that had the right mix of experience, technical knowledge and strategic thinking.

  • Steady Growth

    With the addition of Laura as the Accounts Manager, and a steady team of four developers the company grew to a team of six.

  • Latenight Acquires Nidhi-Techworld

    At the start of 2017, Nidhi Techworld acquired web development company - Nidhi-Techworld (Est. 2014). This enabled the two offices to combine and share resources, technologies, experience, ideas and processes, while being able to conveniently provide great service to clients throughout the greater Brisbane region.

  • New Service: Managed Hosting.

    Shortly after acquiring Nidhi-Techworld, we were able to start offering Managed Web Hosting services to our clients, making it easier for us to offer even greater support going forward.

  • Our First Designer.

    Up until this point, Ken had designed every website. In mid 2016 we added another designer to the team, expanding the creative talent within Nidhi Techworld.

  • 15 Years Young.

    In early 2018 we celebrated the milestone of serving our clients for 15 years!

  • A Bigger Team.

    Throughout 2019, we continued to add new talent to the Nidhi Techworld team - both developers and new designers.

  • New Service: Speed Optimisation.

    While we've always built websites with speed in mind, in 2019 we started offering Speed Optimisaton services to clients, who have had websites built by other developers.

  • Continuing Excellence.

    Over the years we've fostered great relationships with our clients. We've always focused on making websites better for everyone, so our clients can focus on what they do best: selling their products and services. Today, Nidhi Techworld is a tight-knit team of energetic web developers and designers with a passion for getting great results. We provide personal, local service to our clients from all over Brisbane, as well as throughout Australia.

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Our Team


Harsh founded Nidhi Techworld to built a eCommerce development and  committed to high-quality web/eCommerce design & development. He is responsible for driving vision, direction and expansion plans of Nidhi Techworld.


 Thomas help to build base for  Nidhi Techworld and always help out Harsh as his shadow. He is responsible for client communication and new project management for Nidhi Techworld. Thomas has 10+ year of experience in IT industry. 

Full Stack Developer

Neel loves a design and development challenges. He enjoys learning about new technologies and programming languages. Neel is heavily involved in initial client briefings and setting the visual direction of each project.

Daniel Dobelis

It was a challenging job developing our website in Magento 2 when it was only recently released. Nidhi Techworld team went the extra mile when things got difficult. With many thanks!

Dan Stenzel

Highly skilled with eCommerce software. Thomas determined and implemented successful solutions in the blink of an eye for my website.

Charlie T.

"Great team of developers, very experienced with software development. They were fast to understand the requirements and implement them."

    People We Recommend.
    THE Nidhi Techworld's NETWORK

    Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to meet, work with and be inspired by some very talented people. From software and application developers, other designers and search engine marketing specialists to amazingly talented copywriters and new-media marketers. Chances are, if you need a service that we don’t provide, we’ve met and can recommend someone who is a specialist and is great at what they do.

    Our Core Values

    We are Friendly.

    We're committed to guiding you through the process of creating a website, one step at a time, in a friendly and relaxed manner. Most importantly, we really enjoy what we do, and hopefully it shows.

    We are Passionate.

    We have a good understanding of the changing world of web design and web development, and we really enjoy learning new techniques and are passionate about applying best practice to all of our work.

    We are Experienced.

    The experience and expertise we've gained in the web design and development industry over the years allow us to give our clients solid honest advice and deliver highy effective, tangible online results.

    We are Communicators.

    We encourage and remind the whole team to communicate well with our clients. We stay in regular contact with our clients through-out a project and explain in clear, easy-to-understand terms the design and development process.

    We are Genuine.

    We use open-source solutions and employ web standards in all projects. This means you are not locked in to working with us and you can easily find a replacement.


    Of course, we work hard to make sure you won't ever need to!


    If you’re not happy with our service in the future, you'll be able to find another developer who can take over and work on your website. Open-source means that any web developer can build on your website and develop new features for it. Some web development agencies want you to use their custom built CMS, essentially locking you in to using them forever, making it difficult to leave. Other developers can't build on to their CMS, so you're stuck with them (regardless of price or quality of service).


    Essentially, in order to keep working with you, we aim to provide excellent on-going service. It's that simple.

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